In 1999 and 2000, GENET supported national NGOs in  Spain and in  Portugal to initiate the public discussion on GE issues with public conferences.


In 2003, GENET organised an  European conference on GMO-free zones in Vienna that brought together 45 mainly NGO participants from 26 European countries.


In January 2005, GENET in co-operation with the Assembly of European Regions and the Foundation on Future Farming organized the  European Conference on GMO-free Regions, biodiversity & rural development which brought together particpants from governmental organisations, NGOs, farmers' organisations and the private sector.


From 2005 to 2007, the European Conference on GMO-Free Regions took place in Berlin and Brussels.


In 2008, during the UN-Convention on Biodiversity and the Biosafety Protocol negotiations in Bonn, Germany, the conference went global and became  Planet Diversity, World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture.


In 2009, the conference was themed " Food and Democracy" and took place in Lucerne, Switzerland.


Since 2010, the conference was renamed GMO-Free Europe and its been taking place in Brussels.