Dossiers, brochures and info sheets

  • Against the grain - series of short opinion pieces on recent trends and developments in the issues that GRAIN works on. Each one focuses on a specific and timely topic. (Global)
  • Briefings - GRAIN produces several briefings each year. They are substantial research reports, providing indepth background information and analysis on a given topic. (Global)
  • Save our seeds - all the necessary documents, especially at EU level, about keeping GMOs out of conventional and organic seeds. (EU)
  • GEAN toolkit - compilation of materials that can help individuals develop local groups; help established grassroots groups take on winnable, strategic campaigns; and bring together materials that will support the local efforts in communities throughout the United States. (USA)
  • Food Ethics Council - Leaflets, slides and other documentation on GM Foods. (UK)
  • Sierra Club Biotech - webpage with articles and other resources on GMOs. (USA)
  • Center for Food Safety - leaflets, fact sheets, powerpoints and articles about GMOs. (USA)
  • CBAN resources - leaflets, fact sheets, consumer guides. (Canada)
  • Facts on GE - factsheets from Californians for GE Free Agriculture. (USA)
  • Biowatch resources - briefings and booklets from Biowatch South Africa

Newsletters and mailing-lists




  • Ramshorn – a Canadian publication that for 20 years includes articles on biotech in almost every issue. Pdfs on the website.
  • Seedling - GRAIN's quarterly magazine and flagship publication. Each issue contains an editorial, 3-4 articles, book reviews, interviews and much more. PDFs on the website.
  • GeneWatch magazine - America’s first and only magazine dedicated to monitoring biotechnology’s social, ethical and environmental consequences. Since 1983, GeneWatch has covered a broad spectrum of issues, from genetically engineered foods to biological weapons, genetic privacy and discrimination, reproductive technologies, and human cloning.
  • Food Ethics Council - online articles from the UK (subscription available on website) on GM Foods.
  • GeneNews - magazine from the Gene Campaign in India
  • Biowatch articles - collection of articles from Biowatch South Africa


  • ACB books – The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) is a non profit organisation, based in Johannesburg South Africa. It provides authorative, credible, relevant and current information, research and policy analysis on issues pertaining to genetic engineering, biosafety and biopiracy in Africa.