Member Organisations (R-Z)

Schweizerische Arbeitsgruppe Gentechnologie (SAG)

Switzerland: The Swiss Working-group on Genetic Engineering is a critical forum on issues of genetic engineering. It is a platform for discussion, information and action for organisations and individuals, who are critical towards genetic engineering.


Sweden: Svenska Naturskyddsf├Âreningen (The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation) worked on GMO issues since the late 80's, mainly on European legislation, improvement of risk and benefit assessment, labelling and consumer information. All these questions are related to impact on agricultural systems and biodiversity. The SSNC also collaborates with environmental organisations in the South on among other things GMO issues, such as impact on biodiversity and agricultural systems, social and economic issues, patents, farmer's rights, TRIPS, etc.


Switzerland: Swissaid is a small decentralised multinational organisation with offices in ten countries. It has a threefold mission: 1. supporting people's iniatives aiming to find their solutions in the struggle against poverty and to take part in the economic, social and political affairs of their country; 2. information activities for public sensitization; and 3. a political commitment to bring about changes also in their own society. Swissaid focuses on rural development following a rights based approach, prioritizing on the right to food sovereignty, the citizen's right to co-determination and the right to share raw materials.

Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft (Zs-L)

Germany: The "Foundation on Future Farming" is the single most important funder of organic plant breeding in Germany. It also supports research, education and sustainable innovation in rural development. The foundation co-ordinates the international  Save Our Seeds campaign to keep conventional and organic seed free of GMOs and organised  European conferences on GMO free Regions, biodiversity and rural development.

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