Member Organisations (I-Q)


France: Inf'OGM is a francophone citizen watch on the GMO issue. It deals with all GMO related current news in the world, and publishes in French synthesis, analyses, WEB pages and a monthly bulletin which are distributed in all francophone countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, The Maghreb, Central and Western Africa). ( Info sheet)


Slovenia: Institute for Sustainable Development works about GMOs with the aim to protect organic farming and non-GM farming in general, to defend the right of consumers' and farmers' choice, to protect biodiversity and to counteract the devastating push of profit-oriented perspective in policy-making.

Kein Patent auf Leben

Germany: The campaign "No patent on Life!" aims to give information and to network between more than 100 German organisations cooperating to stop the patenting of organisms. It is based in Munich, seat of the European Patent Office.


Menschen für Tierrechte (MfT)

Germany: Menschen für Tierrechte (People for Animal Rights) is the Federal Association against Animal Experiments. It works on genetic engineering and animals as part of their campaign against animal experiments.




Plataforma Transgénicos Fora

Portugal: Plataforma Transgénicos Fora, the Portuguese GM-Free Coalition, supports a sustainable agriculture oriented to the protection of biodiversity and the right of people's sovereignty over genetic resources.


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