Member Organisations (F-G)

Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE)

Europe: Friends of the Earth's European GMO Campaign is working to safeguard GMO-free agriculture and to ensure that European citizens have the right to choose GMO-free food.




Gen-ethisches Netzwerk (GeN)

Germany: The Gen-ethical Network provides information on all aspects and issues of genetic engineering and reproductive technology with the aim to support critical arguments on these technologies.

GeneWatch UK

UK: GeneWatch UK is a not-for-profit group that monitors developments in genetic technologies from a public interest, environmental protection and animal welfare perspective. GeneWatch believes people should have a voice in whether or how these technologies are used and campaigns for safeguards for people, animals and the environment. GeneWatch worsk on all aspects of genetic technologies - from GM crops and foods to genetic testing of humans, and runs the  GM Contamination Register, an on-line database of incidents of GM contamination, illegal releases and adverse agricultural side-effects together with Greenpeace.


France: The Groupe International d'Etudes Transdisciplinaires (GIET) is an association of people who want to think about our civilisation. Being transdisciplinary, they try through disciplines to look at implicite propositions which are necessary to the truth of science propositions, but are not expressed, seen, or discussed. This leads GIET to be radically against transgenic organisms, as this practice is only a "know how" and not a knowledge, and because these practices have no justification other than "I know how to make it".

Greenpeace International

Europe/Netherlands: Greenpeace works against the release of GMOs into the environment as there is not adequate scientific understanding of their impact on the environment and human health. It advocates immediate interim measures such as labelling of GE ingredients, and the segregation of genetically engineered crops and seeds from conventional ones.

The Greens/EFA

Europe/Belgium: The Greens / European Free Alliance is a European parliamentary group made up of Greens and representatives of stateless nations and disadvantaged minorities.


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