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2015-11-05 |

Synthetic biology lures Silicon Valley investors

In 2012, Emily Leproust was trying to raise money to start Twist Bioscience, a company that aimed to synthesize DNA more quickly and more cheaply than existing methods allowed. But many investors were spooked by the perception that synthetic biology — the engineering of microorganisms to make useful products such as drugs, food ingredients and materials — would not turn a profit. “It was a lonely time,” Leproust recalls.

2015-11-02 |

USA: Monsanto clears USDA regulatory hurdle for new GMO corn

The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Friday signed off on a new genetically modified type of corn developed by Monsanto Co after a review concluded it posed no significant threat to agricultural crops, other plants or the environment.

2015-11-02 |

Lies lurk behind synthetic biology

Las Vegas seems to be an apt place to launch a risky corporate gamble that could destroy the livelihoods of millions of small-scale farmers. Earlier this month, the international food conglomerate Cargill chose the city's famous Strip to introduce what it hopes will be its next blockbuster product: EverSweet, a sweetener made of "the same sweet components in the stevia plant".

2015-11-02 |

GE Soybeans Give Altered Milk and Stunted Offspring, Researchers Find

Pregnant goats fed with genetically engineered (GE) soybeans have offspring who grow more slowly and are shorter, according to a new Italian study (Tudisco et al., 2015). Publishing in the journal of Small Ruminant Research, the researchers were testing the results of supplementing the feed of female goats with Roundup Ready GE soybeans.

2015-11-02 |

Tanzania Plans April Trials for GMO Maize Varieties

Tanzania plans to conduct trials for new varieties of genetically modified maize that can survive recurrent droughts and pests. The confined field trials, to start in April 2016, will be conducted in the semi-arid area of Makutupora in Dodoma to assess the potential of the maize varieties to produce high yields in drought conditions.

2015-10-30 |

Hungary Urges European Commission To Ban Genetically Modified Maize Varieties

Hungary has submitted a petition to the European Commission (EC) asking for a ban in Hungary on all genetically modified maize varieties that have production licences or are about to get one in the European Union, the Ministry of Agriculture told news agency MTI. The Hungarian government sent its petition on September 21, asking for the ban of 8 products.

2015-10-30 |

Mexico: GMO Ban Pending, Monsanto Hopes to Double Sales

A pending court decision on whether to uphold a ban on GM corn will be crucial in determining the corporation’s fate in Mexico.

2015-10-29 |

USA: GMO backlash threatens beet farmers as foodmakers swap sugars

America's sugar beet growers are under siege as U.S. food companies increasingly shun genetically modified (GMO) crops.

2015-10-29 |

European Parliament Opposes National Bans on GMO-Food Imports

The European Parliament rejected a draft law that would give individual countries in Europe scope to ban imports of genetically modified food and animal feed, potentially killing an initiative that was greeted with widespread criticism.

2015-10-27 |

New plant breeding techniques: Innovation breakthrough or GMOs in disguise?

New plant breeding techniques focus on developing new seed traits within a given species through genetic engineering. A troubling question for policymakers is whether these techniques should fall under GMO legislation.

2015-10-27 |

USA: California GMO Testing Pilot Project to Ensure Compliance with National Organic Program

It has been said that “California is the capital of organic.” The strength of that statement is a tribute to our state’s and our industry’s ability and willingness to lead, create and innovate.

2015-10-27 |

USDA Panel Backs Monsanto's Genetically Modified Corn

Monsanto is one step closer to authorization of its new genetically modified corn after receiving approval from federal agriculture regulators last week.

2015-10-27 |

Canada: Study Exposes AquaBounty's Bogus Growth Claims on GMO Salmon

For those of you who have read the Mary Shelley novel “Frankenstein,” you remember that the name refers to the scientist Victor Frankenstein, not the monster he constructed from body parts found in the local cemetery. The story has captured the public’s imagination for nearly 200 years, and “franken” has become a common prefix—and a pejorative—for genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which are made with cut-and-pasted genetic material from different species of plants, animals and microorganisms.

2015-10-21 |

Kenya: Do not to lift ban on GMO food products, farmers tell Government

Farmers have asked the Government not to lift the ban on Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) food products.

2015-10-21 |

Ireland: There's not much to gain from going down the GMO route - Sean Kelly MEP

Ireland hasn’t much to gain from going down the genetically modified organism (GMO) route, according to Fine Gael MEP, Sean Kelly.

2015-10-21 |

USA: Cornell is taking the GMO safety debate to a new level!

Something important just happened at Cornell's Alliance for Science, writes Steven M. Druker. Long known as a keen promoter of genetic engineering, the organization has experienced a profound change of direction.

2015-10-21 |

CRISPR tweak may help gene-edited crops bypass biosafety regulation

A twist on a revolutionary gene-editing technique may make it possible to modify plant genomes while sidestepping national biosafety regulations, South Korean researchers say.

2015-10-21 |

Brazilian soy exporters, crushers and farmers should keep their eyes on German GM free trend, says retailer

There is a now a huge momentum in Germany to convert all private label meat sectors to GM free soy, said the German Association of Food without Genetic Engineering (VLOG).

2015-10-21 |

EU: Change in proceedings for cultivation of GMOs

The provisions on the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) set out in EU Directive 2001/18/EC were seen as highly dissatisfactory by many observers in Austria, where the GMO issue has long been a sensitive one.

2015-10-15 |

Cameroon: Researchers Cautioned On GMO Testing, Use

The position of Cameroon on Genetically-modified Organisms, GMO, is clear. Government has put in place a law that governs GMO testing and use. It is against this premise that the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, Madeleine Tchuinte, recommended caution and respect of ethics in the testing and use of such organisms for animal production, food cultivation, amongst others.

2015-10-15 |

Mexico: Chefs Are Fighting a Future of Genetically Modified Corn

In August, a Mexican federal district judge repealed a two-year-old ban on genetically modified maize, ruling that those who supported it had failed to show that the planting of transgenic seeds caused harm.

2015-10-15 |

EU: Syngenta withdraws two applications for GMO products

Syngenta has withdrawn two applications for genetically modified products in the European Union following a re-evaluation of their commercial potential, a spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

2015-10-15 |

Europe GMO Debate Not Over: EU Votes to Allow GMO Imports Despite Opposition

Despite a majority of the European Union officially saying “no” to growing genetically modified crops (GMOs) within their territories, the latest move from the European Parliament’s environment committee (Environment MEP) will likely leave the door open for the controversial products to continue entering the EU through imports.

2015-10-12 |

Poland: activists demand GMO labels on food products

The goal of the initiative is to introduce uniform and legible labelling of foodstuffs free of genetically engineered components.

2015-10-09 |

EU: More than half of EU officially bans genetically modified crops

It’s a landslide. More than half the 28 countries in the European Union, including Germany and France, have decided to ban their farmers from growing genetically modified crops. Several regions, including Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have also joined the movement.

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