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2016-02-03 |

Canada: Environmental groups challenge ruling approving genetically modified salmon eggs

Environmental groups are appealing a Federal Court ruling not to overturn Environment Canada's decision to approve the production of genetically modified salmon eggs in P.E.I.

2016-02-03 |

USA: FDA blocking GMO salmon imports until guidelines set

The FDA is officially blocking GMO salmon imports for now, as requested in the omnibus spending bill passed at the end of last year.

2016-01-07 |

USA: Yurok Ordinance Bans Genetically Engineered Organisms

The Yurok Tribe has passed a tribal ordinance banning genetically engineered organisms such as GMO corn or altered salmon from its territory.

2015-12-30 |

USA: FDA approval of GM salmon doesn't stop Connecticut efforts to save wild fish

Wild Atlantic salmon spawned in the fresh waters of the Connecticut River migrate to and from as far away as Greenland during their lifetime. At least, that’s what they are supposed to do.

2015-12-23 |

USA: GM Salmon Was Approved by FDA But Labeled By Congress

Since the discussion on genetically modified salmon started this November, GM salmon was approved by FDA but labeled by Congress, with the chance of being completely taken off the market being very likely. Some senators have even claimed that this fish couldn’t even be called salmon due to its genetic modification.

2015-12-08 |

Do We Really Want GMO Salmon Swimming into the Food Chain?

The recent approval of genetically engineered salmon for human consumption by the FDA brought back my memories of the Golden Rice controversy. It also raises a question, amid the conflicts of our world: who gets fed?

2015-11-30 |

Japan: TPP could land genetically modified salmon on Japanese dinner tables

In the classic “rakugo” comic story ”Yakan” (kettle), a retired old man who pretends to know everything answers questions posed by a friend about the origins of the names of various things, including fish.

2015-11-30 |

USA: Obama breaks his promise on frankenfish, and Alaskans will pay

For close to two decades, AquaBounty, a company from Massachusetts, has been genetically modifying salmon. Apparently the whole years in the ocean, swimming back to the home creek, spawning upriver natural progression, is just too much of a pain. It takes too long.

2015-11-23 |

USA: FDA Takes Issue With the Term Non-GMO

Lost in the news about the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of genetically engineered salmon on Thursday was its long-awaited guidelines on labeling food with or without genetically altered plant ingredients.

2015-11-23 |

USA: Here's How Americans Feel About GMO Salmon

This Thursday, AquaBounty Technologies’ new genetically engineered Atlantic salmon made history by achieving FDA approval for human consumption. AquaBounty claims that the salmon take half the time and about 25 percent less food than standard salmon to reach market weight. The salmon will be raised in tanks on land at the company’s Canadian and Panamanian facilities.

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