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2015-11-23 |

USA: FDA Takes Issue With the Term Non-GMO

Lost in the news about the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of genetically engineered salmon on Thursday was its long-awaited guidelines on labeling food with or without genetically altered plant ingredients.

2015-11-23 |

USA: Here's How Americans Feel About GMO Salmon

This Thursday, AquaBounty Technologies’ new genetically engineered Atlantic salmon made history by achieving FDA approval for human consumption. AquaBounty claims that the salmon take half the time and about 25 percent less food than standard salmon to reach market weight. The salmon will be raised in tanks on land at the company’s Canadian and Panamanian facilities.

2015-11-05 |

Is GMO Pork the Future of Our Food?

U.S. consumers are already widely skeptical about genetically modified (GMO) crops, but could genetically modified meat ever make it onto our plates? CBC News reports that, in addition to GMO salmon, there are two different varieties of GMO pork that are currently in development, raising questions about the future of our food.

2015-10-27 |

Canada: Study Exposes AquaBounty's Bogus Growth Claims on GMO Salmon

For those of you who have read the Mary Shelley novel “Frankenstein,” you remember that the name refers to the scientist Victor Frankenstein, not the monster he constructed from body parts found in the local cemetery. The story has captured the public’s imagination for nearly 200 years, and “franken” has become a common prefix—and a pejorative—for genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which are made with cut-and-pasted genetic material from different species of plants, animals and microorganisms.

2015-06-02 |

Canadian risk assessment finds GMO salmon more susceptible to disease

A Canadian risk assessment has found genetically modified salmon is susceptible to disease than normal salmon, reports eNews Park Forest.

2015-02-02 |

UK: Genetically modified crop successfully fed to salmon, say scientists

Genetically modified plants created by British scientists to contain health boosting Omega-3 have been declared a safe alternative to fish oil. A crop of camelina (false flax) has been spliced with genes to produce an oil rich in fatty acid normally only found in fish.

2014-10-20 |

USA: California Bans Genetically Engineered Salmon

Production of genetically engineered fish is banned in California waters. Last month, Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill; however, there is a loophole.

2014-10-03 |

California Ban on GE Salmon Expands Protections, but Opens a Dangerous Loophole

Center for Food Safety (CFS) cautiously welcomes California law AB 504, signed by Governor Jerry Brown, which bans commercial production of genetically engineered (GE) salmon in all state waters. However, CFS also warns that the bill contains a dangerous loophole that must be closed.

2014-09-30 |

USA: Governor signs bill banning commercial production of GM salmon

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a North Coast lawmaker’s bill banning the commercial production of genetically altered salmon.

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