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2016-07-19 |

Cayman Islands: Court suspends release of GMO mosquitoes

A plan to fight the mosquito that spreads Zika and other illnesses by releasing genetically modified versions of the insect in the Cayman Islands has been put on hold following a court challenge.

2016-04-13 |

USA: Florida Residents Fight to Stop Release of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Florida residents are launching an opposition campaign against the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys to combat the Zika virus.

2016-03-14 |

USA: FDA Grants Approval to GMO Mosquitoes In Order To Fight Zika Virus, Is This A Good Idea?

The United States FDA has granted approval for GMO mosquitoes to be released in Florida in order to combat the Zika virus. These genetically modified mosquitoes have had their genes manipulated in such a way that a lethal gene will be passed on to all of the offspring that are made by the GMO mosquito.

2016-02-23 |

WHO Confirmed Genetically Modified Mosquitoes May Be Used To Fight Zika Virus

With the appalling health problems that Zika virus brings, the world is on the lookout as to what can combat this pestilence. As an answer, the World Health Organization, in its latest report said that fighting Zika may need to make use of genetically modified mosquitoes.

2016-02-17 |

Can GMO mosquitoes really help us stop Zika? A closer look

It sounds utterly bizarre at first. But the idea of using genetically modified mosquitoes as weapons to kill off wild mosquitoes is rapidly gaining traction.

2016-02-17 |

Dominica: Health minister says no to genetically-modified mosquitoes

Hon. Minister of Health, Dr Kenneth Darroux is reporting that Dominica will not be engaging in the use of genetically-modified mosquitoes to combat the Aedes Egypti mosquito- the vector which carries the Zika virus.

2015-01-26 |

USA: FDA debates releasing genetically modified mosquitoes into Florida Keys

Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in the Florida Keys if British researchers win approval to use the bugs against two extremely painful viral diseases.

2015-01-22 |

Everyone loves a genetically modified mosquito- right?

When I first learnt of the idea to genetically modify mosquitoes (GMMs) as a strategy for controlling the diseases transmitted by these much-maligned insects, I thought it was refreshingly innovative. Little did I know that scientists had been fiddling with mosquitoes, and other insects, for the same reason long before I was born.

2014-12-12 |

USA: British Company Oxitec’s Proposal to Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in the US

Last Thursday, a town hall meeting at Harvey Government Center in Key West drew a large crowd that erupted in opposition to a proposal to release genetically modified mosquitoes this coming Spring. It’s a proposal from a seemingly strange choice – the United Kingdom.

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