Bt eggplants (brinjal) in India


Since 1999 GENET collects and distributes information on various topics in the field of genetic engineering in agriculture, food production and health. With this "Special Topic: Bt Brinjal in India" GENET aims at providing an overview about the debate on development and approval of Bt brinjal in this country, based on our archives.

2010-05-19 |

Despite Bt brinjal moratorium, Indian firms rush Bt proposals

Even though environment minister Jairam Ramesh has put plans to commercially release Bt brinjal in cold storage, select government institutes and agriculture companies are unfazed. They are pushing ahead with plans to develop genetically modified versions of a variety of other food crops that could some day appear in Indian kitchens.

2010-05-19 |

Indian ban on Bt brinjal not ending soon

The moratorium on commercial cultivation of Bt brinjal, the genetically-modified form of the vegetable, is not likely to end anytime soon. [...] An independent group comprising several senior scientists is likely to be set up to discuss what tests should be conducted and how they should be done, senior scientists present at the meeting have said.

2010-04-30 |

Voting out democracy and voting in corporatocracy: Bt brinjal moratorium should not reversed

The petition from the Foundation for Biotechnology Awareness and Education (FABE), addressed to you demanding a reversal of the moratorium on Bt Brinjal is a pernicious piece of advocacy. What it actually requests you is to vote out democracy and vote in corporate control.” says P.V. Satheesh, Director, Deccan Development Society in the opening lines of his letter to Shri Sharad Pawar, Union Agriculture Minister.

2010-04-22 |

Research in 36 more GM crops in process in India

Research projects on at least 36 genetically modified crops including rice, okra, brinjal, potato, groundnut and tomato are under process, the government told the Lok Sabha today. “There is no ban on genetically modified (GM) agricultural products in the country. However, approval of the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) is mandatory prior to production and sale of GM seeds,” Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said in a written reply.

2010-04-22 |

GEAC (India) prepares reply to Environment Minister’s Bt brinjal decision

The Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) will be going up against environment minister Jairam Ramesh, who was responsible for the decision to suspend cultivation of Bt brinjal after the panel had approved it. GEAC, a body of experts created by the government to approve genetically modified (GM) crops, is preparing to question much of the literature cited by Ramesh in his decision to impose the moratorium.

2010-04-12 |

India decides to go slow on the introduction of GM food crops

For years, Monsanto - and its Indian subsidiary, Mahyco - have tried to make inroads into India’s vast agriculture by poaching its seeds and replacing them with their own. Though some of India’s publicly funded laboratories are also busy with the creation of genetically engineered (transgenic) crops, the speed with which Monsanto sought to introduce its proprietary GM seeds (cotton, brinjal) was simply astonishing.

2010-03-25 |

Mayoco told to deposit Bt brinjal seed stock to Indian government

Government on Sunday said Mahyco, the developers of Bt brinjal, has been asked to deposit the seed stock with the National Bureau of Plant Genetics Resources to prevent any potential leakage and contamination till its safety is proved. ”There is no chance of Bt brinjal making a backdoor entry through leakages of its seeds till it is cleared by an independent regulatory body,” Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh told the Rajya Sabha.

2010-03-23 |

Indian Minister of Environment has ’mobocratised’ Bt approval

The fate of the first genetically engineered food crop in the country, Bt brinjal, has come down a cropper. Minister Jairam Ramesh played into the hands of the shouting brigades of the anti-GM lobby who created ruckus wherever he went to consult. [...] The deal decisive factor must have been the words of Drs. MS Swaminathan and Pushpa Bhargava, in whom the minister found all wisdom.

2010-03-15 |

Art, science and commerce of Brinjal

If a large section of mainstream media is to be believed India may soon witness mass hunger, demoralised scientists and economic recession if Bt brinjal is not allowed to be commercially cultivated. Childhood memories of brinjal, popularly called baingun, are curiously uniform across the country. As kids, no one seemingly had any fascination for the violet vegetable.

2010-03-15 |

Bt brinjal panel of India Parliament may side with Environment Minister

Even as the last word is yet to be spoken on Bt brinjal, the issue has fallen under the scrutiny of a parliamentary panel. As most of
the committee members appear to be taking an anti-Bt brinjal stand, environment minister Jairam Ramesh may find an ally in his battle against the commercial release of the genetically modified vegetable.

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